Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Productive day

Over the Memorial Day weekend our family purchased an additional used RV. Its for the girls. They now have space and privacy and so do Jeff and I.

Today was very productive for both the girls and I. The girls worked on their new to them camper and I worked at rearranging shelves and making use of my newly available space.

I was joking to a friend the other day about how most people add on to their home by building on a room but we just buy another camper and rent another rv spot.

Jeff removed the shower base in the new to us camper and made sure there were no leaks underneath and that the only leak was in the actual faucet. There were no leaks underneath the shower. The past few days he has hooked up the sewer connection, the electricity and the plumbing. The new shower faucet is on order and he will replace the old one as soon is delivered. We also need to order a new lock and knob system for the girls camper so they can feel secure that no one else has a key to their place except mom and dad.

In our RV I rearranged the living room area and made it more cozy. I have made several configurations and changes to the living room area and kitchen. Who would have thought you can do so much rearranging in an RV?

Tomorrow the girls will scrub down their new bathroom and get the last of their clothes and stuff from their old room and scrub it down. I am using their shelves and drawers in their old room for storage. Whoo, hoo. Everyone loves more storage.

We bought the girls a day/trundle bed to use in the living area as a couch/spare bed but it didn't come with mattresses, so now we are in the market for new twin size mattresses. Hopefully they are not too expensive. We also told the girls they can have our TV as soon as we have the money and can find a new one we like and that will fit in the TV cutout area.

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