Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to leave a comment on my blog

It has come to my attention that not every one knows how to leave a comment. I was trying to remember how I learned to comment and I think I just messed around until I figured it out. So I thought it might be a good idea to explain how to leave a comment.
#1 click on the word comment at the bottom of the post you would like to comment on.
#2 On the right of the window that pops up will be a box that says Leave your comment.
#3 Write your comment in that box. Be sure to sign your name at the end of you comment so I know who you are.
#4 Below the comment box it asks you to choose an identity. If you choose to post Anonymously be sure to leave your name at the end of your comment or I might not post your comment.
#5 Click publish your comment.
#6 Then it should say that your comment is awaiting moderation.
You are done. The next time I see a comment that needs moderating I will read it and either publish it or toss it if its spam
My friend Yolanda has word verification on her comments and the process takes a bit longer. If this is not how it works to comment on my blog please let me know so I can give a better explanation. It doesn't work the same for me as it does for you.
And that's how to leave a comment.
Everybody try it.


Anonymous said...

works for me ,mother

Anonymous said...

can not mke this work, mother