Monday, June 6, 2011

Best ever taco meat

Today I decided to make taco's for supper. I had three large zucchini that had gotten away from me and gotten too big. I decided to use them in the taco meat. Wow. This is what I did.
3/4 lb. ground beef/deer mix
1/2 chopped onion
fry until done
add taco seasoning (I buy in bulk and never measure, it was maybe 1/4 c.)
While the meat was cooking I went out to the garden and cut some cilantro, came in washed it and grated one of the huge zucchini's into a bowl. When the meat was done I added the cilantro and zucchini along with about a cup of salsa. I cooked this for a bit and woowzer. I am totally amazed how good this is.
Even Hannah loved it.
Yeah, another way to use zucchini.


Yolanda said...

And you added the meat to the zucchini mixture? And then you had it all on tortillas?

DD said...

YUM-O! Definitely trying this!!

Beverly said...

That sounds really good!