Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Savings at the stores

Last week I decided I needed to get back into shopping at Walgreens and learn some new stores since I now have more variety of stores to shop. I got some sunday papers and began searching the ads and putting together coupon match ups and reading blogs about coupon match ups.
I gathered all my coupons, circulars and such and headed to wags (Walgreens). This is the end result.
saved $205.47
spent $124.44
RR $113.00
So after RR my total spent was $11.44

Then I went to HEB and bought some groceries and got $78.00 worth of groceries for $29.00

As you can see I had lots of RR from wags. I have a few things I want to use them for next week but I also need some solar lights for a project I am doing. So I went to wags last evening because Jeff and Hannah needed to pick up their new glasses in that town and I bought 24 solar lights at $1.99 each a sympathy card for $1.99 and a set of wire strainers for the kitchen for $3.99. Total was $53.59 with tax and I used $52.99 RR and paid .60 cash oop.
I am not sure why but it said my tax was .05. They tax things very different here in Texas so I dont know what all was taxed or if it taxed my after RR total or what.

Jeff has to go back today after work so I am going to try my hand at a small transaction at CVS. That is one store I was never able to learn because there were none close to me before now.


******************** said...

Good luck Debbie! Let me know how it goes. Once you go to CVS, I'm sure you will be hooked. All I do is small transactions there...but it feels really good. My last one... they paid me $1.22 when I left. :0)

Goose Hill Farm said...

Great job! :> )