Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitchen garden

I have been reading about kitchen gardens. I am trying to figure out what the difference between a garden and a kitchen garden is. I think it is the same thing.

I am propagating 4 tomato plants from suckers I took off 4 other tomato vines. I am going to plant some more zucchini and yellow squash and some cucumbers today. I want to keep my garden going as long as I can. My first squash are all done. This is the first year I have ever had squash that didn't get buggy.

The okra is only about a foot high but already has blooms. I think plants don't grow as tall here in Texas as they do in Oklahoma. They produce but they are so small. My tall fence by the tomatoes looks kind of funny since I sure didn't need it. I will take it down and use it somewhere else.

The tomato plants look kind of dead but are still producing tomatoes. Its really different here. I will just keep planting and learning.


Yolanda said...

I am not sure, but I think a "kitchen garden" might be a small garden that is very close to the house so as to have easy access from the kitchen. ?

debbieo said...

Yolanda, That what I always thought it was too.
Our preacher came today and brought us their roto tiller, the church wont let them have a garden and bought us a huge brand new grill. I thought they were going to give us their old one when they got a new one. I am still in shock. I have to keep remembering that other people like to give too.