Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walgreens shopping

My Walgreens shopping trip today.
6 packages diapers
3 Gillette proglide razors
6 canned peaches
3 boxes Bayer Advanced Asprin...
2 Herbshine hair color
2 5ct. Allergy pills
Total $139.44
oop $ 5.07
23.00 in new RR
I think this is the best I have ever done.

My first transaction was only .03 cents, the 2nd was .37 #3 was $2.15and the 4th and last one was $2.52 for a grand total of actual money paid $5.07, I used RR I already had to pay for the rest. I love spending the same money twice or three times or four times or.....

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Gotta love it!