Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bread baking day

Every few days I make bread so I don't usually say anything about it or that would be very boring. But today I am making rolls and bread sticks with my dough. I thought I'd drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil over the bread sticks and then sprinkle garlic salt and a bit of Parmesan cheese. They look good. As you can see I gave them a twist and put them side by side. This will make them a softer bread stick. If you want your bread sticks to be harder then just leave space between them so the heat from the oven can circulate all around and brown them.

I make bread and don't use a recipe or measure anything except my water so its hard to share it with others.

Today I cut up 4 pretty nice pairs of my husbands jeans. I cut the legs off and then the back pockets. They were pretty good jeans yet but I decided that if I donate them then they will resell them maybe, but if I cut them up and reuse them I can get 8 aprons out of them and several quilt squares. I can sell each apron for about $10.00 unless I give them away making a profit of $80.00 that I would not otherwise have made. I think I can get an adult size apron out of each leg and not just a toddler apron. This makes it more profitable in my mind as adults tend to really use aprons more than children do. This may be all wrong but that's ok, its just a thought.

Today I also worked on making yarn out of our discarded t shirts. I am able to get quite a bit of yarn out of each t shirt as well as 4-6 good rags out of the top part. The part I throw away is very small. For some reason this gives me satisfaction knowing I am using most of the t shirt.

I am not sure where I got the bug to reuse and recycle things but it sure seems like I do this in most areas of my life.

I will list a small portion of things I reuse to give you some ideas:
~empty bottles with lids, these I either use to store leftovers, or new concoctions
~empty woven feed sacks, these I make tote bags, purses and occasionally an apron from
~t-shirts, these are used to make a nice cotton yarn which I then crochet into rugs.
~jeans, I make aprons, quilts and all kinds of stuff from. The fabric is quite sturdy.
~bath towels, these can be cut down to make wash cloths or as a lining in a pot holder among other things.
~hummm, cant think of anything else right now but I am quite sure there are other things I reuse.

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loves2spin said...

That is just cool. I am proud of you and your bread looks marvelous! I think I can smell it here!