Sunday, February 12, 2012

Raw milk to cheese

I found a source for raw milk about 30 minutes from our house. Yesterday Jeff and I went in search of the dairy. We had a nice drive and easily found the dairy. The milk was $5.50 a gallon so we bought two gallons. You could see clearly at least three inches of cream on the top. I almost jumped up and down. When we got home I tried to pour off the cream from both gallons. I am going to buy a good turkey baster for next time.

Then I made a half a gallon of yogurt using Yolanda's recipe for the crock pot, you can read the directions here:

There was enough cream left in the milk that the yogurt looks so rich and creamy. I put about half of the yogurt in containers in the fridge and put the rest in a damp cloth lined colander to make cream cheese.

This morning I am making 30 minute ricotta cheese using this recipe:

Later after church I will be making some bagels to eat with the cream cheese. Here is the recipe I will be using from Tammy's recipes.

Yesterday I ordered the cultures so I can begin to learn cheddar cheese making. Oh the possibilities.


loves2spin said...

I think you win. :D How wonderful that you can get raw milk and make all those nice things for your family to enjoy! YAY!!

debbieo said...

What does that mean Yolanda? you think I win? Is there a contest or did I say something somewhere? I have forgetters so I forget.

loves2spin said...

:D I was joking.

debbieo said...

Ok, good, I was wondering.
You know I won 6 months of free bananas from Dole and I cant remember entering a contest. I sure could have forgotten. I am silly sometimes. Just think how many skills we could list if we could live by each other, oh my. We could also get a bunch of other internet friends too. We would be so smart. lol

loves2spin said...

Yes, we would, and maybe if we combined our memories, we might come up with one good one! ;)