Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini Vacation

Jeff had to go out of town to work for three days. Its only three hours away but too far to drive each day so he would be getting a motel. He asked me to come along so here I am. The only expense for me to come is the gas because I cant ride in the company vehicle (dumb rule) and what ever I decide to spend. I think we can share the evening meal and the breakfast is free with the motel so there shouldn't be too much expense.

I was surprised that a fancy motel like this wouldn't have a fridge and microwave in the rooms. I met the maids and mentioned something about it and they asked if I wanted them that they are free so they ordered some to be delivered to our room. That's good because then if we have leftovers at supper I can save them for my lunch the next day and cut expenses even more. I also found out I don't have to leave the motel while the girls clean. They didn't mind a bit to have me sit at the desk while they cleaned the bathroom and made the beds. We even visited a bit.

I did drive around some today before I found out I could just stay here while they cleaned and found a really nice Goodwill store just a few blocks from here. I imagine Jeff and I will visit there when he gets off work today. I can always use more tops and capri's and Jeff can use shirts. We found that Walmart has some nice jeans for $10.99 and Goodwill charges $9.99 for used so for $1.00 we can buy new.

I brought along my crochet so I will have plenty to do while we are here. I hope you all have a great day.

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