Monday, February 27, 2012

Footstool slipcover

This is a slipcover I made this morning for our footstool. It was lime green and quite nasty looking, what with having feet on it so often, after all it is a footstool. I used the legs of jeans that I save when the jeans are worn out. I fashioned it so I could use the hem already on the jeans for the bottom hem of the slipcover. I will be able to easily take this slipcover off and wash it. I think I will also look for a pillow blank the right size to make it a little bit more comfortable. Right now I put a couch pillow under the slipcover. Besides the legs of worn out jeans I also save the pockets and zippers for other applications. My next project is to make a new chair pad for my granddaughters high chair.


loves2spin said...

That is very clever!

Humble wife said...

cLEver! You always amaze me! You are ever so creative!