Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hannah and her pig wallow or a teenager playing in the mud

Jeff and I took a nap and this is what the kids did while we slept. They didn't worry one bit they would get in trouble, in fact they wanted us to wake up so we could see what they were doing. Mollie didn't want to join in this time because she has to go to work.

What do you mean there is nothing to do? Its been raining for the last few days and there is nothing planted in the garden because its too wet.

The logical thing to do is a redneck mud spa. Some might look at this and say it looks like a pig wallow. I say its a teenager playing in the mud. I'm glad she still has some silly little girl left in her. Plus we do have the outside shower she can easily rinse off under. She did forget that we do have neighbors. Hope they didn't see too much.


McMama said...

Who needs a spa? hahaha I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have joined in! :)

Humble wife said...