Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yogurt and ricotta cheese

Yesterday I made yogurt loosely following Yolanda's recipe for the crock pot. I added strawberry jello at the same time I added the starter and its really good. I may add peach next time.

Today I would like to try making the ricotta cheese I posted about a few days ago. I never did get the mozzarella cheese made but there is always another day. I just wish there were a dairy I could buy milk direct from around here, one that doesn't use drugs and chemicals. Dream on. I bet there surely has to be one somewhere close. Our landlord has Pygmy goats but they don't milk them, they only have them for the amusement of their grandchildren. Seems like a waste to me. But alas it is not my land or goats.

This week I have made banana bread, rolls, bread sticks and yogurt. Not too bad.

I was looking at the grocery ad for this week and it seems like each week there is less and less that I think is even close to a good deal. The only thing I see that may be a good deal is picante sauce and Kleenex so I guess I will get some of that. I also want to buy some oranges and bananas. I won 6 months free bananas a while back and the coupons are good until June or so. I gave some to the preachers family and some to Kaleena and I still have plenty left but I need to use them and not waste them.

I made a nice meatloaf last night from free venison hamburger and .99 ground turkey. I really like it and there is enough for about 4 more servings so I have lunch for a couple of days depending on which of the girls is working and which is home.

It rained last night and they are calling for scattered showers and 75 degrees so I bravely am washing and hanging my clothes today. It looks to me like it will clear up and the clothes will dry fine, if not I guess they will tomorrow. It would be nice to have a carport over the wash area so I could hang clothes no matter whether there is rain or not.

I need to stop by the seed store and pick up some seed potatoes and maybe onions. They are suppose to be planted by presidents day.

Well you all have a great day. Leave a comment and say hi, especially the readers who never leave comments.

Oh and I was wondering why I havnt heard from Bush Bunny Brenda when it dawned on me that she is traveling to the US. Keep her in your prayers if you will.

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