Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 months and still loving it

  • I just realized we have now lived in our 5th wheel for 6 months.

  • We still love it. Maybe even more than when we moved into it.

  • It did take a little getting used to but we have arranged things, put up shelves, added pockets here and there and are generally satisfied with our arrangement. I love command hooks. I hang all sorts of stuff with them.

  • Jeff adds a shelf where ever I ask him to.

  • When my mom and step dad came to visit mom mentioned that our home is much more cosy and livable than she thought it would be. She had thought it would be cramped and messy. She was pleasantly surprised to find it clean, open and well organized. She said she loved the way I had organized it and wished I could come to her place for a few days and do the same thing for her with her camper. Mom thought it would be messy and crowded just because there are 4 people living in a very small area.

  • I told her that it is because we have the 30 foot storage trailer. If it weren't for that it probably would be messy and cramped and crowded. I am so thankful for the storage trailer. The girls get tired of making trips to and from there several times a day but its worth it to have more stuff and not be cramped.

  • People ask us if we are planning on buying or renting a house and we are not. We do want to buy some land so we can garden and have chickens and such but we are satisfied with our lovely home. We also want to buy some land because Joy will be coming to live with us in a few months and there is no possible way we can add one more full time adult to this mix. So if we can buy some land we could buy a small travel trailer and she could live there. Then when she moves away the other girls can take it over or it can be used for other things like company.

  • Please pray that God will show us where he wants us to live and that we can find land that we can afford. I must pray, listen and wait on the Lord.

  • There is something wrong with my blog, I have to do these bullets or its all just one huge paragraph. Sorry.

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Yolanda said...

It is good that you are content with your living arrangements. Has it been 6 months already? I had no idea. Wow. Take care.