Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bible School Chior Tour

My daughter Joy is again touring with the college choir this spring. She called me and I copied down the tour schedule.

Spring Choir Tour
March 6th Rockport West Virginia, 11:00 am, Tri County Worship Center
March 6th Glenville, West Virginia, 6:00 pm, Glenville Community Church
March 7th Cottontown, Tenn., 7:00 pm, Jesus Reigns Fellowship
March 8th Hinton, Al., 7:00 pm, Apostolic Faith Church
March 9th Pine Hill, Al. 7:00 pm. Pine Hill Chapel
March 10th Porter, Texas 7:00 pm, Tabernacle in the woods/Calvary outreach
March 11th Oak Hearst, Texas 7:00 pm, Oak Hearst Full Gospel Church
March 13th am, Katy, Texas 10:45 am, Trinity Apostolic Faith Church
March 13th pm Alvin, Texas 6:30 pm, Trinity Apostolic Faith Church
March 15th Vanderpool, Texas 7:00 pm, Vanderpool Community Church
March 16th Rock Island, Texas 7:30 pm, Rock Island Full Gospel Church
March 17th Alleyton, Texas 7:00 pm, Christian Gospel Chruch
March 18th Rockdale, Texas 7:00 pm, Apostolic Faith Church

Joy will be graduating at the beginning of May. She is still the youngest in the school and at the top of her class academically and is the age that most students are when they begin college. I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished. I am sure if her dad were alive he would be very proud of her too.

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