Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~~Look what I won~~

The other day I got an email that said something like last chance to respond or something from Command. I use and love command hooks so I opened the email. It said I had until the next day to respond or I would forfit my prize. What prize? I responded and ended up getting a big box with all of these wonderful command products in it.
Having purchased many command products I know that this prize is a good one a has a high dollar value. I am super excited. I actually already have a box I keep my extra adhesive and hooks in and now I have all kinds of goodies to use and put in my box.
One thing I got was a package of cord clips. I had already been using some regular command hooks to hold an electrical cord out of the way and had no idea they actually make a clip for that. Now I can take down my hooks, install the clips and have more hooks to use somewhere else. The clips are in the top photo third from left.
After I opened the package I immediatly emailed the lady who had sent me the original email and thanked her. I think I should send her a link to this post as well.
Thank you Command for the great prize.

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Yolanda said...

How wonderful! And great to help you organize. Yay!!!