Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday but no laundry???

Today is Monday but we ended up going to a laundry mat aka washateria yesterday. Never again. I will be setting up my home laundry system asap. That laundry mat was nasty. ICK.
I think for now I will wash in the tub with the two buckets like I was doing before I set up my wringer washer. I will at least get my clothes line set up for drying.

As soon as everyone gets done showering I will begin the wash.

Jeff and I got a P.O. Box # and this afternoon we will try to find a bank to our liking. We got the forwarding address papers filled out and ready to send off.

Soon we will begin our search for a lot/land.

We woke this morning to 64 degrees. Wow. I bet we are going to have some adjusting to do this summer if its already this warm this time of year. We saw people out mowing their yards. Flowers are blooming all over the place and the gardens are being planted. I'm not sure but I think that you can garden all year with row covers and such.


Anonymous said...

Oh how envious I am! How I remember and yearn for the weather there! You will most assuredly have to adjust! The summers are so very very hot and humid...but rest will love it once you acclimate. :) So So happy for you! Talk to you soon!

Lonely Laundry Lady... ;)

Yolanda said...

I wish I could come over and help you set up your laundry! What fun that would be! I think I already told you my horror story of going to the laundromat. Shudder..... lol

kscorrell said...

Oh how I would love that weather! :D We had a beautiful day today as well. I cleaned out my flower beds and have decided to take out the flowers from my raised beds and plant them somewhere else and use the raised bed infront for strawberries! Miss you guys.