Saturday, March 19, 2011


We are enjoying visiting with Jeff's family. They have treated us to some fabulous restaurants. Living in the sparsely populated area that we do we are not exposed to the variety and quality of eating establishments that they take as a given. So far we have eaten at a Place called Paradise Bakery, where we had wraps. Then the next day for lunch we went to Mile High Deli and for dinner we went to White Chocolate Grill. I think my favorite so far is the Paradise Bakery. The salads looked divine and the wraps we ate were delish. The White Chocolate Grill was a super fancy cloth napkin expensive place and the food was very very good but we would not be able to afford to eat there except once every five years or so. The Paradise Bakery was higher end but a place we could afford occasionally.

There are 4 million full time residents who live in the valley. The population swells in the winter and goes back down to about 4 million during the summer. Its March right now but the weather is more like late spring or early summer that I am used to. There is very little wind so there are many restaurants with outdoor tables. Living in the mid west we were never really able to enjoy the outdoor facilities because of constant high winds and weather that is either cold or very hot.

The culture here is quite different than I am used to as well. There is a lot more fashion and fancy than I care about. The people dress high society and I am just a country girl. Here I am with denim carpi's and a tee shirt and in the next table are people who are dressed like I would for the fanciest function I would ever attend but to them its everyday attire. Instead of feeling out of place I just feel homesick. I like people who are more down to earth. People who can survive unusual circumstances and get by. Most of the ladies have shoes so tall they can barely walk let alone escape from a threat. Its kind of funny to me. I'm sure they just glance at us and write us off as country bumpkins and that is fine with me. If I had to choose I would choose country bumpkin every time. I feel like my life is more real than theirs. I am just judging by outside appearance of course.

The traffic is hectic too. Constant wrecks and delays. Everyone driving like crazy people. Its a wonderful place to visit but I am so thankful Jeff does not want to live in a place like this and that he is a country boy at heart. I am thankful as well that he is able to find work in more sparsely populated areas instead of a heavily populated area.

This morning we are hoping to visit with Jeff's mom and sister at their home. Until now we have only met in restaurants because someone or other has been sick. We have yet to meet Jeff's niece's little two year old. His birthday was the day we arrived. I have never met him and neither have the girls. Then this afternoon we are to visit Jeff's dad and his wife at their home where they are cooking a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Jeff's dad loves to cook and he loves turkey dinners. I am not sure what the plan is for tomorrow and then we will begin our journey home on Monday and Tuesday. That will give us not quite a week to get rested from the vacation and then Jeff will start work on the 28th.

I am happy and thankful for God's provision and protection and the blessing he has given us.


Yolanda said...

I'm glad to hear you are having a nice time with family AND that it makes you grateful for your own lifestyle. I understand exactly what you mean. Take care.

Goose Hill Farm said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your family....YAY! I am sorry though that you feel homesick. I know exactly how you feel when I visit some of our extended family! :> (

Praying you enjoy the rest of your visit!


Candy said...

Sounds like you are having fun, and enjoying your family.

Coming home will be extra special with the homesickness. It'll be like biting into a chocolate that you've been waiting all day to eat, but better.