Monday, March 28, 2011

Washing clothes and sewing

  • The local Wal Mart has a very nice fabric department so I bought a few lengths of fabric the other day. Today I am coloring my gray roots then I will shower and then get the washing started. While I am washing clothes I plan to make a few aprons. One of the aprons I want to make is a clothes pin apron. I think I have decided on a style for it too. I am going to make a half apron rounded on the bottom with the whole front also being a big pocket. It will have large scoop openings to easily grab or drop clothes pins into. I also want to make another apron for regular kitchen wear.

  • The one I use now needs washed now and then and while its washing I have none to wear. Then perhaps I will make a few to sell. I do not know if the women around here wear aprons when they cook or not.

  • Of course I will make time to ride my new bike a few rounds around the grounds. For me being so out of shape its easier to ride a round then come back and do other things and then ride another round several times a day then it is to just ride and ride all at once. I hope to get to the point that I can take longer bike rides so we can do some exploring of the area by bike. Hannah also bought a bike but Mollie thinks I will lose interest and she can ride mine. I am hoping I do not lose interest and continue to ride and ride. Then she will have to buy one and we can all three ride together.

  • Its already getting humid and sultry here. I hope our bodies acclimate quickly to this change from very dry air.

  • Jeff started his new job today and he is very happy to be doing so. I think he feels like he took one too many weeks off and it was getting boring here. We had no idea how long it would take to get settled and such. We should have known that with four people working and getting things set up that it wouldn't take much time. I am so thankful that my girls step up to the plate. I am always amazed when other children refuse to help with family goals and that their parents allow them to disengage.

  • A really big project I am going to get started on is to rearrange and sort through the storage trailer. We are currently renting a small rental storage unit as well as our storage trailer and my goal is to have all of our stuff in the storage trailer. I am sure there are things I can consolidate or get rid of. On the other hand there are things I am sure will be necessary if we find a piece of land to call our own. So some of it I am having trouble with the decision of keeping and paying rent to store it or sell it and buy it again later. I am just going to have to be ruthless I guess.

  • One thing that is in the rented storage is two 55 gallon barrels I got for water storage. They are both empty and not doing any good. I plan to bring them here, clean them out, fill them up and store them under the overhang part of the 5th wheel. That is also where Hannah and I have our bikes. We may need to put up the skirting on that area so it doesn't appear cluttered. But I feel there is no use of having barrels for water storage if there is no water in them. It wont do us a bit of good if something happens and we don't have water because the barrels are empty.

  • Quick question.... In Acts 7:54 who is gnashing who? Are the people gnashing (grinding their teeth) or are they biting Steven? What do you think? Act 7:54 When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.


Yolanda said...

"The wicked taketh the truth to be hard..." They were "cut" because he was telling the truth. No one bit anyone else. They were just yelling at him.

I want to see pictures of your aprons! I wear one most of the time because I'm in and out of the kitchen about all day, and I also have one I wear in the garden and it saves my clothes some staining.

You won't get bored riding your bike. Your daughter will just have to buy one!

Jodi said...

Please tell Jeff we hope he enjoyed his first day!