Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The cross of Crucifixion

  • The cross of Crucifixion.

  • Do you decorate your home with crosses?

  • Do you wear a cross on your neck or ears?

  • Do you think the cross is a beautiful decoration?

  • When you look at the cross what do you see?

  • A symbol of death?

  • A pretty thing?

  • Is it just bling?

  • When you look at a rope hanging from a tree, a noose for the neck of a thief, what do you see? A pair of earrings?

  • When you see a guillotine is it a thing of beauty? Do you want a blingy one to decorate your purse?

  • If I carve an electric chair of fine wood would you hang it on your wall?

  • I shudder when I see the cross used as a form of decoration or bling. To me its a symbol of death, cruel death, at least a guillotine, rope and electric chair are a quick death. The cross is a form of death that is long and torturous.

  • Our savior Jesus survived that cross for three hours. His wrists and feet nailed there with long nails. All the other people crucified were hung with rope. Jesus was beaten beyond recognition, spit upon and nailed to that tree.

  • Why is it a thing of beauty to thee?

  • When I look upon the empty tomb, that is where the beauty should be. An empty grave, a savior who lives, that is my beauty to see.

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