Friday, March 25, 2011

Make whipped butter using real butter

I just finished making whipped butter using a recipe I found on Tammy's recipes. It doubled the bulk of the butter so it should last twice as long. We will use it on our rice tonight but the little bit that got on my finger that I tasted was good. I am excited to find a way to stretch our butter. Hannah has been asking me to buy spreadable butter and I just cant see feeding that to my family so I am happy to have found this recipe.

Candy over at my blessed home said ground turkey was only $1.18 a pound as opposed to $2.70 a pound for ground beef. I am going to check my local grocer to see what the prices are around here.

I am a little disconcerted about having an empty freezer but I know I will find good deals and have it filled again soon.

I was able to shop at a farmers market yesterday and get some great home grown vegetables.


Yolanda said...

So, how did you make the whipped butter? I'm sure you will find things for your freezer. In a way, it might be kind of nice to have an empty freezer and start over. And I know you'll be grateful when it is well supplied again.

debbieo said...

I took a pound of butter and put it in my mixer bowl. I put the wisk type blade on and sent it to whipping. When the butter was sort of fluffy I slowly added 1c. of light olive oil (directions call for canola) and when the oil was incorporated I slowly added 1 c. water. The butter will turn white and fluffy. Then I just put it into containers and stuck it in the fridge. I doesnt have to be refridgerated though.

Candy said...

That is so cool! I think I'm going to make up some whipped butter as well. I'm all for whipping butter, and I already know my family likes butter and olive oil together.

Thanks for sharing that. :-)