Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We got the U Haul

We picked up the U Haul truck this morning. The girls have pretty much gotten it loaded. We have a few more boxes of jarred foods to pack and then the glasses and plates and then when we hook up we need to put the cement blocks and such in there and then we are done. Oh and the pictures need taken down off the walls and appliances from the top of the cabinet.

I really don't know what all I need to pack and take down because we really haven't traveled that much with this 5th wheel, we just brought it here and moved stuff into it to live. Plus we only moved it about 35 miles from our old home.

Jeff works tomorrow and then we will be done so we may take out after work tomorrow and get a few hours driving done. We plan to boon dock in a Wal Mart parking lot so if we get started we can get there at a good time on Friday and begin to get set up. That will give us all day Saturday to set up and unload the U Haul. We have to return the truck on Sunday. Then we can drive to where Joy will be having her concert and watch that.

We have to turn in our post office keys and get a refund, I called the propane company and they are going to pick up the large propane tank we rented. I hope I am not forgetting anything.


Yolanda said...

I think I am holding my breath for your sake! Maybe a prayer would help more, though. Have a safe and pleasant trip. I'm looking forward to your report!

Dave and Tina Schmidt said...

Where are you moving to? Wow this is sudden, but when the Lord has it planned, you're just supposed to go with it and believe that He does know what is going on and will provide for you. May you guys find many new friends, but don't forget the old ones. Keep us posted of your progress, and whereabouts. Praying always for your happiness and prosperity.