Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home again, home again

We arrived home yesterday in the late afternoon. It is good to be home. Its always fun to go places but always good to come home again.

Jeff's mom ended up getting the flu the day we left and ended up in the hospital because she was dehydrated. Bless her heart. She is the nicest lady. I really enjoyed our visits with her.

Jeff's dad and his wife are doing fine too. They live in a retirement community. They have been there for years and love it. They swim, play golf and enjoy the activities available there.

Today we are washing clothes. Jeff and the girls hauled the washer out of the storage shed and got it hooked up. We had started the clothes with the large buckets but it sure is easier with the wringer washer. I am happy that most of the time the wash can be done outside. Its a little breezy today so the clothes should dry fine.

I am baking rolls now that I formed into a rosette. They are so pretty. I watched a tutorial at Tammy's recipes on how to do it and they are easy peasy. They look very pretty too.

Jeff made the last riser for the sectional that we had started back in Guymon. Its good to have that done with. Now the couch looks better and is easier to sit on and get back up off of.

Hannah went out to put a bag of ice into the freezer in the shed and discovered that it was not cold. Everything in there had to be disposed of. Apparently it got plugged into the strip instead of straight into the wall and it tripped or something. It was a lesson to not have all our meat in the freezer. I am so thankful that I canned all that pork before we left Guymon. The girls cleaned everything out of the freezer and small fridge and washed them out. They are plugged in again. Hopefully this will teach us more diligence.

Well the rolls are out of the oven so I will slice them and we can make sandwiches. I hope everyone has a great day.

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Yolanda said...

Welcome home! How very nice to be back. That is a shame about losing so much meat. :( I have to tell you a story. About 33 years ago, we had a hog butchered, actually we probably got half of it from the meat locker (already frozen) and put it in our huge upright freezer. Somehow, the door was left ajar. All that meat thawed out. I refroze the bacon and hams, but the rest of it I cooked, all in one day, and refroze! That was a LOT of pork chops! It had not spoiled. Canning meat is something I really want to do. I am hoping to get at it this year if I can find some good sources of meat.