Friday, February 18, 2011

Canning inside and out

Living in a 5th wheel where things are downsized to put it mildly present challenges. I am usually up for a challenge so it doesn't really bother me.

One of our greatest blessings living here is being able to have the 30ft. enclosed trailer that we built shelves along each interior side for storage. There is no possible way I could do all the things I do without that storage trailer.

I do end up going in and out of there dozens of times a day. Its almost like an extension to this 5th wheel. I keep extra food items there, sewing things, yarn, extra pans not used all the time, my canning equipment and that is just a small sampling of what it holds.

As I was pondering the bacon and pork butt canning thing I kept thinking that it sure would go faster if I was somehow able to use my big pressure canner instead of just the smaller one. Its too tall to fit on the stove in the rv, what to do? I do my best thinking in bed when I should be sleeping so last night I came up with an idea. This 5th wheel as do most campers came with a stove that can be hooked up to the exterior of the rv. Ours is brand new, never having had occasion to use it. Anyway I got to thinking that if its not too windy I could use the outdoor and the indoor stove at the same time and whip through this canning in no time.

I emailed my husband at work to see what his thoughts on my idea were. He said it was a good idea so I am going to be canning indoors as well as outdoors today. I also got the camera down and am taking pictures today so I can share with you how we do things around here.

Mollie is being a wonderful help today between her studies she is helping to fill jars and helping me keep an eye on the pressure gauge of the canner. I am so glad she is helping me. It really does help to have two people working at the same time. I can be cutting up the parchment paper, washing jars and getting everything ready while she arranges the bacon and fills the jars.

Thanks Mollie, I love you.

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