Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taking a breather

I decided that today instead of finishing up the pork butt canning we would just wash and label full jars and process the jars that were in the fridge that hadn't sealed. The girls were very agreeable to this idea.

We will resume and finish the canning tomorrow.
As of right now all the washing of jars and labeling is done. The jars that didn't seal are in the canner and the girls took the full boxes to the shed.

The wind is coming up so Mollie is outside getting the clothes off the line before they get whipped and shredded or the clothes line gets broke. The clothes are the ones I washed yesterday afternoon.

I will try to resume only washing clothes on Monday and Thursday. When I was washing in 5 gal. buckets in the tub I had to wash everyday or there were too many clothes to keep up with. Now that Jeff has my outdoor wash area set up I can wait and wash more clothes at a time and in less time. I like using the wringer washer, it uses less soap and water and takes less time. I have decided not to run jeans through the wringer and just wring them out by hand thereby saving the breaking of zippers. It is necessary to have two people to wring out jeans. I don't have the hand strength to wring them out by myself.

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