Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting started canning the pork butt

We began cutting the pork butt and got started canning it. We are using quart jars for this. I think I grossly overestimated how many jars it would take. I picked up one package from Kristy's this morning, each package has two large pieces of meat. Mollie began at once to cut the meat into cubes while Hannah and I prepared the jars, garlic and salt. We also labeled all the bacon jars and Hannah stowed them in the shed.

Mollie cut up both hunks of meat and we got 9 quarts. That means we will only be getting about 36 quarts. A far cry from the 96 quarts I had estimated. On the one hand it means we will have less meat canned and on the other hand we will get it canned much faster. Right now we are happy to get it done faster.

The first batch of meat is in the canner right now and the girls are doing their school work.

For journal writing Hannah is writing an epitaph. It was quite cute. It went something like this. Here lies the body of Hannah banana. Choked to death by a green bandanna. Who might of done this you might ask, just some fellow in a gray mask. Hannah has always had a knack for writing. If she pursued it I think she could be quite good because she has a great imagination.

It got cold again last night. I went outside to start a load of clothes so they can soak and the hose is frozen so it will have to wait until it warms up a bit.

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