Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Blood

Holy Blood

He walked the way to the garden -
And blood fell in that place;
Bound before the rulers,
His blood streamed down His face.

No mercy, grace or pardon
Was granted to Him, here.
But, God was, then, providing
The price for all the years!

My sins were, there, upon Him;
Blood red, then sparkling white!
My hope in Him, eternal,
Brought Heaven into sight!

How can that bright red blood make white?
I do not understand.
But this I know, we'll never need
Another sacrificial lamb!

He is so very beautiful,
More worthy than any words.
I cannot think of the abyss,
Were His name never heard!

The tomb is but a vacuum,
Drawing earthly souls to Him!
See? The blood has done it's mighty work
And we are cleansed from sin!

~ © 2000 by Joan Clifton Costner ~

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