Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final pork butt count

Final count for the canned pork butt is 32 quarts. We have about 1 1/2 quarts left that is raw and I didn't want to have to run another canner load so we will just cook it up and add salsa and eat it with cheese and lettuce in a tortilla.

The girls decided that since it is nice today that we should do some laundry so we are on our second load. Its so easy to wash with the wringer washer. I just fill with water and add soap, then agitate for a bit and begin adding clothes. When I think it has enough clothes I let it agitate for maybe 5 min., then turn it off and let it soak. Later I go back and turn it on to agitate again and then run the clothes through the wringer and place in a separate rinse bucket. In my case I use a 15 gal. new muck bucket. We swish the clothes around the rinse water until we think they are rinsed and then run them through the wringer again and hang them up to dry. The clothes line is just a few steps away. Every thing is arranged in close proximity to each other so its not a hard job. I have the washer sitting next to a table that has the rinse bucket sitting on it. Its all shielded from the wind by the storage trailer.

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I see your picture wringer washer.