Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have more time than I first thought

I liked this photo of mother and daughter dressed so neatly to shop.

Of course I can, can you?

For some reason I thought I had less time this week than I actually do. How did I do that you ask? Well today is Wednesday and for some reason I had it in my head that I only had one day until Friday. Today. Well guess what? I have Thursday and then Friday. I think sometimes when we have a lot of things to get done we get muddled up in our thinking and begin to worry when we shouldn't. I need to remember that I have the same amount of days as everyone else and I can only accomplish what I can accomplish. If I do my best that's all I can expect from myself.

Now with that said I will tell you what I am up to today.

Mollie has cubed two more pork roasts and we have a canner load just starting. We should end up with two more loads today for a total for today of three. When we cube the last two pork roasts that is the end of it for now.

I had to make a run to town late last night to do a favor for a friend so I thought I would just pick up the last two packages (four roasts) from Kristy's refrigerator and save myself a trip and some gas. I thought to myself that it would be cool enough to keep them outside somewhere. We are in the country so there is always the possibility of wild animals so I wondered where I would keep the meat. I decided that the Maytag wringer washer would be a good place because it is metal and it would get cold and stay cold. So that's what we did. This morning the meat was still there untouched and very cold. I say this to say to you that if you think about things there is usually a solution available when you have a dilemma or problem. Just be creative.

Tomorrow will be wash day again. I think the weather will be decent and hopefully not too windy.


Goose Hill Farm said...

Good morning! I just LOVE IT when I realize I have extra time/day when I thought I didn't. Just makes that day even better!

Growing up in NY, we used to keep some things out in our boat that was blocked up in the back yard during the winter when we didn't have enough room in the freezer. You do what you gotta do! lol


Yolanda said...

I enjoyed this post. It is like really seeing inside your life. :) When I defrost the deep freeze, I do it in the winter when I can put the frozen things outside sometimes. And you are so right. We can figure out how to make most things work! And it's fun!