Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're about to blow away

I read a thread about a lady who has a clothespin apron and I began looking for ideas. I found this picture and I kinda am leaning toward the #1 purse type bag. I currently use something similar to #3 for my clothespins but the bag stays outside and is about to fall to pieces. I also usually leave my clothespins on the lines. I am trying to decide if that is really a good idea. Maybe I should take them off each time. What do you do? What do you use for your clothespins?

The wind is gusting over 30 mph and blowing steadily between. The 5th wheel is shaking about. I don't care for this part of RV life. I feel safe and I am not concerned that we will blow over but I don't care for the banging of the skirting and shaking.

I washed some laundry this morning. One item I washed was a long sleeved denim dress. I wasn't able to use the wringer on it so I just hung it up dripping. It sure didn't take long to dry completely.

I have other clothes soaking but I am not going to finish washing them today because although the wind helps dry clothes fast it also can whip them to shreds and that's how windy it is today. I try to make sure I take the clothes off the line as soon as they are dry when its windy because I don't want the wind whipping the hems out and such.

I made and bottled two batches of Body Whip today. One regular and one with Thieves Oil. I bottled them in the pink pump bottles. I plan to make a couple more batches tomorrow and bottle them in the gray tubes. I like having a variety of packaging options.


Anonymous said...

I just have the standard bag like you. I bring my bag and my pins in at the end of each laundry day. I do like the apron though..seems much handier an would also eliminate the space on the line that my hanging bag takes up.

Yolanda said...

I have a bag/apron similar to this:

that I made out of denim. Mine is squared off on the bottom, not curved. I love it!