Monday, February 21, 2011

canning update

Mollie cut up four pork butt roasts. It filled 18 jars. If the other four roast fill another 18 jars that will be a total of 36 jars. I wonder how I got so far off in my first estimate?

The second and last canner load of the day is beginning its process. Two loads of laundry are washed, rinsed and hung to dry and the dishes are done.

This morning on the way to pick up the first set of pork roasts I stopped at a lady from the church's home to assist as needed. She had fallen over the weekend and could not do anything but lie in bed. I was happy to see another lady from church and a man had just gotten there. The two of us ladies were able to help her get to the portable toilet and back to bed. We straightened the bedding and her brace. Brushed her hair and anything else we could think of. I got word a couple of hours later that she is being taken to the hospital where they can give her much better care. I am relieved because I am untrained in that area and I did not want to hurt her more or throw out my back or something. Now she will get better care and more constant care. I was only going to be able to stop in a few times a day.

I will go to the hospital in a little while to visit her and she how she is faring.

Mollie asked me what I am going to do with the fat she trimmed from the roasts. I am thinking about trying to render it and can the lard since I am doing some canning already.

Edited to add: I changed my mind. I do not think I will try to render the lard at this time. Maybe next time.

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Yolanda said...

I hope your friend will recover well. If you still have the lard, you can freeze it until you have time to deal with it. I've done that. I am so impressed with your canning!