Saturday, January 16, 2010

Building raised garden beds

This is the finished raised bed. Then the process going backwards. I always forget how to load the pictures so they come out in the right order.

I am so excited and proud of my family. We are building two raised beds for the garden. I wanted them to first make some for the flower beds around the house so that I can plant lettuce, spinach, herbs, carrots, and such for salads. We went to Home Depot a few weeks ago and were able to purchase enough wood to make two raised beds. Next we will get some manure from Kirby, hopefully he will be able to get some for us soon. Jeff is going to tear out the tomato cages we had placed in the garden. We put them in too solidly. Now we need to take them out so we can rototill the area.

Jeff said we can start out with two raised beds in the garden and then each year just build a few more. That is fine with me. That means I will get four raised beds this year. The thing that he balks about is the price of the lumber since each raised bed takes 6 8ft 2x6's. The cost for lumber and screws for each bed is about $60.00. That is high but I think it will be a good investment. It will sure save my aching back.
Edited to add: I cant imagine the beds cost 60.00 each. I am going to have to check those prices. That is what Jeff told me. No way.
Edited again to add: I checked the lumber prices and the beds cost about 25.00 each with hardware and all. That is easier to handle. Now it seems more reasonable.

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