Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preparing for the storm

We have a forecast of a snow storm that is suppose to leave us 7-8 in. of snow. We have only had two one inch snows so far. Each melting within a day or two. This storm is suppose to keep us home for two days. So I am preparing. Here is what I am doing so far. I may think of other things as I go along.
1. fill 5 gal buckets with water and leave in the tub (for flushing toilet)
2. fill clean pop bottles and milk bottles with water for drinking. (I always keep drinking water) if the elect. goes out we have no water.
3. wash all dirty clothes
4. empty all trash
5. make sure I have oil in my lamps
6. wash all dirty dishes
7. make sure we have enough water for animals
8. I always have a full pantry so I just bought eggs and milk.
9. ???ideas anyone????


Yolanda said...

How do you heat your home? I hope it is not dependent on electricity! Of course, I also hope your electricity doesn't go out! Do you have a way to cook if it does?

Anonymous said...

An inverter to run from an idling car? LOL One time we were in a white out blizzard, and the electric went out. Hubby idled the car with an inverter hooked to it, and it gave us a bit of electric. We all got cozy under blankets and watched movies. :-D

debbieo said...

We get free natural gas. We have two fireplaces and a wall heater as well as the regular furnace. If the electricity goes out we can still use the fireplaces and the wall heater unless the gas line freezes. We try to maintain it so that doesnt happen, but sometime it does anyway. The stove is gas and the oven is electric. If the gas goes out I have a 3 burner butterfly kerosene stove. Its brand new thought and I have not broke it in. I need to do that. I also have a 22 wick stove that is new and not broken in. I have kerosene lanterns as well. I have some kerosene stored and I am now trying out a fuel made from animal tallow I get from a bio tech place. The owner is a chemist and he helps me with my soap questions and trials. I am very lucky to have him for a friend I think.

debbieo said...

I wish there was spell check on the comments part. Please excuse the errors.

CT Avon Rep said...

When I grew up on the farm the well was on electric pump so we had to fill the tub with water just in case we were out for a few days & had to pour a bucket down the toilet - with the tub filled up the extra buckets were next to the sink downstairs to use for dish washing if it ended up a few days before electric came back on