Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making new candles from old candles

I made some new candles from used candles and wax today. I cleaned the old candle jars and saved the old wax. I discarded the metal tabs and any paper that was in them or on them.

Next I made my own wicks. To make my wicks I cut cotton string into about 12-15 inch pieces. I soaked them overnight in a solution made of
2 t. salt and 4 t. borax mixed in 2 c. water. This morning I took the strings out of the solution and laid them onto an old kitchen towel to dry. Next I melted some wax, dipped the string into the wax and laid them out straight on my cutting board.
Then I melted more wax and then poured it into jars straining it with a wire mesh strainer to remove any foreign particles. I then fixed the wicks to stay in them with what ever method worked for that jar. I then let the candles harden. As they cool and harden a valley forms on the top. I just poured more wax into the depression and let it harden again.

When they get completely cooled and hardened I will burn one and see what I think about my project. I figured it should smell good with all of those scented waxes I used. I will try to up date this post with my conclusion.
Edited to add: So far the candle seems to be burning fine. At first it lit and then went out, twice and I thought oh dear. But I re lit it and it has been burning for at least 10 min. just fine.

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