Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day I became a vegetable

When I was a little girl of about 6 or 7 I had a bicycle wreck. It had rained and my bike slipped in a water puddle as I was rounding the corner on our street. Apparently I fell and hit my head on the curb. It knocked me out and the lady who lived on the corner found me unconscious laying there in the gutter.

She was unable to get me and the bike to my home so she managed to alert my mom. Mom brought me home and laid me on the couch. I think I was still out or very groggy. She then went in to take a bath. She said she was in the bath and I let out the most ear piercing scream of pain she had ever heard. She jumped out of the tub and ran to me. I guess I was still screaming.

She called dad home from work and they took me to the tiny local hospital. There they tried to x-ray my head but dad said there were so many hands holding my head still it was hard to see the x-ray. In any case they decided I had a very severe brain concussion.

The doctor told my parents that I probably wouldn't make it and that if I did I would most likely be a vegetable. Apparently they forgot to tell me because I recovered and here I am.

Back to my story, while I was in the hospital I was suppose to lay very still so the swelling and bruising on my brain could heal. Nowadays they would have knocked me out and I probably would really be a veggie then.

Anyway, I was on the ground floor so my sisters would come to my window to visit me. Someone gave me a big bag of M & M's, quite a treat for sure. I would get out of bed and sort the candy by colors on a chair. Then the nurse would come in and catch me out of bed, scold me and sweep all my sorted M & M's back into the bag.

This scene was repeated many times. Finally the doctor told my parents it looked like I was going to make it and they couldn't keep me confined to bed anyway so they might as well take me home.

I used to make my mom so mad by telling her she was disappointed I didn't die. That was mean. Sorry MOM.

In any case if you know me in real life and you think I am strange, well I'm a vegetable so what do you expect?

My mom always used to say I was a fruit or a nut but I was no vegetable. lol.
The funny thing is Jeff had a bad accident when he was about the same age and he was suppose to be dead or a vegetable too.

Too bad we didn't turn into vegetarians, maybe we would be skinny.

What do you get when you mix two vegetables?????

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Yolanda said...

Succotash. :-)