Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More about gardening

Fresh homegrown vegetables. What can be better? Nothing of course.

I put yellow squash, zucchini squash and loofa seeds in a baggie with a paper towel to sprout. Now I need to get some more planting trays so I can plant them. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.


Homestead Momma said...

Sounds like a plan! I just love getting my little sprouts going!

Yolanda said...

That's wonderful! And what a good idea to sprout them first. I had heard of soaking them, but not actually waiting for them to sprout. Have you done this before?

debbieo said...

No this if my first time doing this. I saw a lady do it on you tube and it looked like a good idea. That way you are only planting something that has already sprouted. Makes sense to me. I always try new things. Sometimes they work and sometimes they dont.
My sunday school teacher says he can picture me in a lab with a white lab coat and a beaker in my hand. I giggled over that one because would be very happy in that lab. lol

Happy Hermit (happilyhiddenhermit@gmail.com) said...

I hope its warm where you are.
I pre sprouted some of mine last year , you have to very careful about the fuzzy roots , because if they broke or get harmed the seedling will just die.

Those are all kinds that traditionally are direct sown , but I did well in 6 packs last year (despite what books say).

If you use a coffee filter vs a paper towel or napkin the roots dont stick as much (with napkins the roots grew straight into it , i had to cut and tear the napkin to retrieve them).

I use a weakened chamomile tea to fight the damping off that some seedlings get just make tea , water it down , put it in a spray bottle (cleaned out completely)and spray a couple of times a day. It acts as an anti-fungal.

Good luck !! I have my first starts too :)

debbieo said...

Thanks for the hints Happy. I will try the coffee filters and the cammomile tea.
It is not warm here, we have about a foot of snow that is trying to melt now. We usually dont get snow on top of snow, it melts first, but this time it snowed 10-12 inches, then two days later it rained all day and then snowed all night. It was in the 40's yesterday and will be the rest of this week so it is melting. I am ready to garden. I also have two pop bottles I am going to make those planter things with.
take care.