Sunday, February 7, 2010

New and better plant shelves

Wendy commented about using a metal shelf unit she bought at Sam's for her seed starting shelf unit. I realized I had that exact unit in the garage. I decided to get something else to use in the garage and use that set for my plants. All I need are shop lights. We stopped at Ace in Liberal when we went to pick up Hannah and they had sturdy plastic 5 shelf units on sale for 29.00 so we got two of them. Now if I can just get some more shop lights I will be set. The Liberal Wal Mart was out of them and we only found one set at Guymon. Surely everyone doesn't have the same idea as me????
Jeff and I both looked at Wal Mart online and are not able to find them. weird.
One thing about this is that almost everything I am buying is equipment and I wont have to buy all of it again next year.
Now to find shop lights.

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