Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am so excited

Our former pastor and family who just happen to be our best friends are coming for a visit this month. I can hardly wait.
Christina says Sammy hasn't had a haircut since we went there in Sept. I think. So I bet he's a shaggy hippie.
Jeff said the other day that our life is boring without them.

We also get to see them at camp meeting this summer. I think they are going to stay in our 5th wheel with us. Cramped and fun. They are going to bring a tent so maybe some of the kids will want to sleep out there.

Then I think the kids are going to come home with us for a couple of weeks.
Last year I took Courtney, Kaitlyn, Hannah, Conchita, Dana and Shelby camping. Girls camp we called it. They didn't want to come home so the next night Bill, Christina and Sammy came and set up another tent and it rained and rained and we had so much fun. Then a raccoon came to our camp and sat by the fire eating the hot dogs the girls left on the table.
We had all dashed to our tents when the rain started pouring down. It was a good thing it didn't rain the night before because I slept in the bed of the pickup so the girls could have the tent to themselves.
We have good memories and want to continue making them.

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