Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My homeschool goals-one of them

One of my goals in homeschooling my girls was to teach them to learn on their own. I feel I have accomplished that by pretty much just guiding them with their studies and not actually teaching. As in standing at the front of the class talking. I help them pick out materials to study, I buy it. I make sure they are working on all the different subjects I want them to, and that the state recommends, but then any other subjects they study is up to them.
For instance, Hannah has already finished the science text that Mollie did when she was in 8th grade. Hannah is in 7th grade. She then wanted to study health, so I purchased a new abeka text on health. She started that after Christmas break. She knew a test would be coming up after the first chapter and this morning she said she was ready and could I print her test for her. She showed me her health notebook. She had written down anything in the first chapter that was bold. It was a good way to study. She then used her notebook to study for her test.
Mollie told me this morning that she wants to study anatomy and physiology when she finishes the text she is studying now.
In public school you study what is offered, when its offered, in the manner its offered. If you want to study a subject that isn't offered in your grade, too bad. Also, if you want to finish and go to another subject you are not able to do that. Homeschooling allows students the freedom to study and go through as many subjects as their hearts desire.
I praise God that my girls all are good students and do their studies without pressure from me. They are responsible for their own selves in this matter. They know what they have to do and they do it willingly.
I enjoy watching my girls develop into scholars. My main goal in homeschooling was for the girls to learn to think and learn. I think it develops brain function to know how to find things out. It will help them in life if they know how to investigate and figure out how to find out answers.
Someone is not always going to be around to tell them things. They need to know how to figure things out by themselves, to learn to think.
I am very proud of all of my daughters and how they have developed their learning and thinking skills.
I honestly feel that my girls will be better educated than I was because they know how to learn and they know how to think.


Yolanda said...

* Loud Applause!!*

Stone Bridge Farm said...

If you have time... could you email me what your average day looks like? This is our second year and I have tried a couple of different methods.I have been trying to decide how to divide up the day.