Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rose and Christina have their kitchen tours up

This is Rose's kitchen tour. I love the light colored cabinets and light counters. I have a popcorn popper just like this. And we just made popcorn in it last night.

Hi Christina, Thank you for sharing your kitchen tour. I wonder how many of us have hung childrens artwork on the fridge.
Visit Christinas kitchen tour here:

DeNiece is a reader from Candy's Keeping the Home site and she has graciously decided to join us in our kitchen tours. Yippie, welcome DeNiece.

Wendy has her kitchen tour up. I used to read Wendy's blog a while back and then quit for a while. I am back and enjoying her blog very much. Wendy suffers daily with more pain than I can ever imagine and she still has a sense of humor and doesn't feel sorry for herself. Click on the link to visit Wendy's kitchen.

You can see Candy's kitchen as she and her daughter are working. She has keeping the home blog. Thanks Candy.

Here is Yolanda's kitchen, she is a new friend of mine. Check out her site, she has a lot of cool stuff.

And here is my kitchen tour.


The Watts Family said...

Were joining on the Kitchen tour thanks for hosting we have enjoyed visiting everyones Kitchens ~Blessings Love Heather

Anonymous said...

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