Sunday, February 14, 2010

Laverne Camp Meeting

Laverne camp meeting is set for July 23rd thru 28th. This is a family camp. We went for the first time two years ago and enjoyed it ever so much.
All meals are furnished, although helping is strongly encouraged.

There is usually a morning preaching time, lunch, afternoon preaching and then two preaching times again in the evening. Sometimes there are other activities as well.
Two years ago I think it was, Joye Watson offered a pottery class for the ladies.

Of course offering is taken to cover the cost of the camp.

There are a few dorm rooms or buildings available but these go fast so if you are interested it is best to make your reservation early.

We are going to take our 5th wheel. The campground is furnished with electricity and water at each camp site and a dump station is located close by the entrance of the camp. There is no charge to bring your camper but it is good to make an offering to cover costs.

We are going to bring our camper and Bill and Christina are bringing their tent. Between the two we will have places for both of our families to sleep.

They usually ask each church to take over the cooking and providing of one meal during camp meeting just like they do for junior and senior camps. On the designated day, people from your church bring the food, cook it, serve it and clean up. There are usually others who volunteer to help as well.

I truly enjoyed it when we went. Its just a week of soaking up God, living, eating and being with other sisters and brothers of the faith and growing.

Another highlight is the choir. At the evening service loads of people get up and go sing in th choir. Talk about good singing.

If you are in the area and can, make plans to attend do so. See you there.

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Yolanda said...

What a wonderful thing to look forward to!