Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A story by Hannah

From past to present
By: Hannah Winter

As I was looking out the window of the seventh grade classroom, I wondered what it would be like to be in the past. I could live on a farm, have lots of brothers and sisters, and maybe even a horse.

I have lived in Chicago since I was two. My Mom, Dad, and I lived in California before that. I was an only child. The only pet I’ve had before was a cat named Whiskers.

My thirteenth birthday was fast approaching. It finally came I had a big birthday party with all my friends and lots of chocolate cake! My mom lit the candles and I closed my eyes and blew. I made a wish that I could somehow go back in time and live in pioneer days.

The next thing I knew, a lady in an old dress was calling my name Elizabeth, Elizabeth! I answered saying who are you? She said Elizabeth darling don’t be silly now go finish your chores. My head was spinning could this be true? I asked the lady where’s my Mom and Dad and all my friends at? She replied I'm your mother your father is working now quit trying to get out of your chores.

I made up my mind that I should ask what chores do I have left so I knew what to do. She said you have to milk the cow, take care of your baby brother and sister, and start supper.

As I headed to the barn I noticed a boy cutting wood I wandered if he was a brother too. I grabbed a wooden bucket and started toward the big smelly cow. It had flies buzzing around it. As I was reaching in to milk the cow a girl came in the barn. She was probably a year older then me.

She asked me why I’ve been acting strange. I said maybe because everything is strange. She said well you should be happy I’ve been doing some of your chores. The cow stepped right on my foot and I screamed. My older sister said why don’t you go get that taken care of, you act like you’ve never milked a cow.

I went in the house looking for some ice or medicine I could put on my toe, until I remembered I was in the past. My mom came in and said I heard you scream what happened? I told her about it and she put some kind of medicine on it. She told me to take a nap. For some reason I was really tired, everything was happening fast.

I laid down and went fast asleep. When I woke up everything was back to normal, my own bed and my own room. It took me a second to realize it was all a dream.


Yolanda said...

Nice story!

Civilla said...

What a lovely well-written story!