Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seedling grow shleves

The first image is what Path to Freedom dot com's row covers look like. They are in Pasadena, Calif.

Jeff bought three more shop lights and florescent bulb sets yesterday so I decided to begin putting them together and setting them up. I was able to get one set together, hung and plugged in with Hannah's help. The next set I attempted docent want to light up, I fiddled with it a bit but decided to wait until Jeff can look at it. He also has to either rewire the lights or we need to plug them into a outlet strip because six lights cannot fit into a two outlet fixture.

For now I have the seedlings that are up and growing under the set of lights I got working. 72 tomatoes and several marigolds.

I found a farmers almanac site that I could put in my zip and it would tell me when to start things indoors and out. It appears I jumped the gun a bit but at least this will give me some tomatoes to get going in the greenhouse. I don't get a chance to get any started early in there because of not being able to find seedlings until later in April or early May.

I am hoping I can transplant the tomatoes in early to mid April to the greenhouse. I will have a bunch extra because I usually only plant about a dozen or so in my greenhouse.

I may make a cloche or temporary greenhouse type thing over one set of my raised beds. I am thinking the bed by my front room window.

I ordered the book Four Seasons Harvest by Eliot Coleman. I cant wait to read it. I watched some of the videos on his site and he talks about using the greenhouses, which he heats and cools passively to garden all year round. He makes smaller greenhouse type things inside his greenhouse and grows winter hardy varieties of veggies and has done very well.

I will have to study to learn which varieties do well in our hot summers and then which would do well in our cold winters.

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