Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pro life or Pro choice?

I am amazed that the pro choice people think they will win in the end. How could they? Their side keeps getting smaller (they kill their own) and the pro life side keeps getting bigger, they have babies and want life for them.
Planned parenthood would be more aptly named Murder on demand or Planned murder. Theirs is no planning, at least not for parenthood. Its only plan is for death. How can people be so blind as not to see this?
I am sorry for ladies who have had an abortion and now regret it. How their hearts must hurt. God can and will forgive and ease your hurt if you ask, but YOU do have to ask.
Hopefully with the new technology where you can see a baby in the womb as a baby it will help girls and women to make the choice to keep their babies or at least birth them and put them up for adoption.
Family planning should be done before conception NOT AFTER.
If you have had an abortion, ask God for forgiveness and I am sorry for your hurt.
If you are contemplating abortion, seek help somewhere that their goal is not just killing for money.
If you think abortion is a woman's right, God help you.
Sin is sin is sin. Murder is murder is murder. Murder is sin, the Bible tells us so. The Bible doesn't say murder is only a sin if it is an adult or someone you don't like. Its a commandment not to kill.
Remember this is my blog and I have a right to my own opinions. If you do not like what I write, I promise I wont hold your head to the computer screen until you read it.
My site, my right.


Stone Bridge Farm said...

Preach it Sista!

loves2spin said...

I absolutely, totally agree with you. The people that believe in abortion on demand are deceived. It is horrible.