Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sub irrigation planters

Today I planted 6 / 3 litre sub irrigation planters of cilantro and one 2 litre planter of catnip. My plan is to make these and plant them as I go and sell them at the Farmers Market as little gardens. People can take these home and clip the cilantro as needed and it grows back. The planting is already done and the cilantro/catnip is grown and ready to harvest. One package of cilantro planted 6 planters. I planted somewhat densely. I figure no thinning will need to be done. It grows thick outside anyway.
I am curious as to how these planters work. So we will see
The lettuce I planted and was growing on my kitchen counter seems kind of puny. I think I will toss them and try again. Now I have to grow lights to put them under.

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