Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tonight's supper

For supper tonight I am making chicken fried steaks, salad and rice pudding. I have never made rice pudding but I was reading Wendy's blog and she gave her recipe for it so I decided to try it. I think Jeff likes it from his childhood.
Wendy eats healthy and is starting to post what she is eating each day. Here is the link to her site.http://wendyusuallywanders.wordpress.com/

I was going to make the shrimp curry, but never having even tasted it before I didn't realize I did not have all the ingredients to make it.
I have always wondered what curry tastes like. I will have to get the ingredients and try it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie,

Eating healthy is quite fun! I have to do it because of health issues, but I do enjoy it :)

Mrs. Watts shared her kitchen tour, and I have joined her in sharing mine.

I hope you stop by :)



Stone Bridge Farm said...

lol... we are doing chicken fried steaks this Sunday....Email a recipe!!! LOL... I have never made them before.. =0)